Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is commanded by Lieutenant Eloy Martinez and Sergeant Dario Gonzalez who directly supervise 5 Detectives. Investigating crime represents the most obvious responsibility of the Criminal Investigations unit. Personnel in this division are responsible for follow-up investigations of criminal cases. They work closely with victims, witnesses, citizens, and other law enforcement agencies to solve problems and crimes.

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Detectives generally specialize in areas such as major crimes, property crimes, personal crimes, juvenile and sex crimes, and white collar crimes (frauds, forgeries and counterfeiting). Depending on their assignment, investigators carry a continuous "case load". The Criminal Investigations Sergeant will assign cases depending on their significance and solvability factors. Solvability factors include those leads which help investigators solve the case. Examples include names or descriptions of suspects, serial numbers or identifying marks on stolen property, or witnesses to the crime.