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Animal Control Request

  1. Animal Control Request For Service

    Please fill out the information below to dispatch the Animal Control Division to a location for a call for service.

Code Enforcement

  1. Animal Control Complaint

    Report animal issues. To include loose animals, animals at a park, etc... If the animal is aggressive or has attacked a person or... More…

  2. No Brush Pick-Up (Brush only)

    Please check your scheduled monthly pick-up at the Utilities dept. prior to filling out form. *Reminder: no brush is to be placed near... More…

  1. Health/Food Complaints

    Report issues involving health, food concerns, restaurant concerns..etc...

  2. Nuisance Complaint

    Report nuisance issues. For example...tall grass, on property debris, junked vehicles etc...

Compliment an Officer

  1. Police Department- Compliment an Officer

    Your feedback is important to us. Compliments left for an Officer allow us to further recognize our employees for the outstanding... More…

Police Department- Filing a Complaint on an Officer

  1. Filing a Complaint on an Officer

    Please fill out the required information below to begin the complaint process on an officer(s).

Utility Billing

  1. Report a broken/damaged trash can

    Use this form to request a replacement trash can if your trash can is broken or damaged. If your trash can is stolen or missing, you... More…

  2. Report missed brush pick-up

    Use this form to report missed brush pick-up

  1. Report a water or sewer problem

    Use this form to report a meter leak or sewer back up.

  2. Report missed trash pick up

    Use this form to report missed trash pick-up.