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Code Enforcement

  1. Animal Control Complaint

    Report animal issues. To include loose animals, animals at a park, etc... If the animal is aggressive or has attacked a person or... More…

  2. No Brush Pick-Up (Brush only)

    Please check your scheduled monthly pick-up at the Utilities dept. prior to filling out form. *Reminder: no brush is to be placed near... More…

  1. Health/Food Complaints

    Report issues involving health, food concerns, restaurant concerns..etc...

  2. Nuisance Complaint

    Report nuisance issues. For example...tall grass, on property debris, junked vehicles etc...

Utility Billing

  1. Report a broken/damaged trash can

    Use this form to request a replacement trash can if your trash can is broken or damaged. If your trash can is stolen or missing, you... More…

  2. Report missed brush pick-up

    Use this form to report missed brush pick-up

  1. Report a water or sewer problem

    Use this form to report a meter leak or sewer back up.

  2. Report missed trash pick up

    Use this form to report missed trash pick-up.