Utility Billing

The Business Office is responsible for billing and collection of payments for water, waste-water, and solid waste services provided by the City of San Benito.

We are located inside City Hall at 485 N Sam Houston in San Benito, TX 78586.

Hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

For a listing of our current water and waste-water rates, please refer to the Utilities Ordinance 2409F (PDF) .

For a listing of the current solid waste rates, please refer to the Utilities Ordinance 2409G (PDF).

**Manage your utility account online**

Payment options

How can I pay my Utility Bill

Replacement of broken/damaged trash can

How to request a replacement for a broken/damaged trash can

If your trash can is missing or stolen, please file a report with the Police Department and submit the case Number to us to request a trash can replacement.

Utility Billing Zones

Click here to access the utility billing zone map

This map has been produced for the sole purpose of locating jurisdictional boundaries and is not intended for any other use. The map data is complied from various sources including City of San Benito maps, Google, and other sources. This map is intended for geographic representation only. No warranty is made by the Planning and Development department of the City regarding the accuracy or completeness. Before relying on any information on the map, check with the City of San Benito.

Connecting New Utility Services

New customers requesting water, waste-water, and/or sanitation services with the City of San Benito, must apply in person at the Business Office in City Hall. If you are unable to apply in person, you may send someone with an informal letter of authorization signed by you with the items listed below or you may fax all items to 956-361-3813 Attn: Utility Billing Department or submit via email. You will be contacted by a representative for payment instructions if submitting request electronically.

*Requests received after 3 p.m. may be processed until the following business day.

All faucets or water-related appliances must be turned off or customer service representatives will not be able to turn services on until customer contacts the Business Office to schedule a second attempt.

 Residential Service Requirements: 

Commercial Service Requirements:

Transferring Utility Services

Requests to transfer services to another location must be made only by the account holder or other authorized person on the account. A service connection fee of $50 will need to be paid and the deposit will be transferred from your existing account to the new account. If existing deposit is less than the current rate in effect, it will need to be upgraded to the applicable deposit rate (PDF). Any past due balance on your existing account must be paid before we activate services on the new location.


  • Valid driver's license or state issued ID (Mexican Nationals can use a current passport, visa or matricula) for each person requesting services.
  • A formal rental lease/agreement if renting, otherwise closing documents or proof of ownership is required.
  • Completed Utility Service Application (PDF)
  • Deposit Release Form if services changing from two account holders to one

Requests can be made in person, sent by fax to 956-361-3813 or by emailing Utility Billing. If submitting your request electronically, you will be contacted by a representative for payment instructions.

Disconnecting Utility Services

Requests to disconnect service must be made by the account holder or other authorized person on the account in writing. The written request may be submitted in person, by mail, fax or email. Submit the completed Disconnect Request (PDF) and attach a copy of the account holder's valid picture ID to the Business Office at City Hall.

Mail to: City of San Benito
Attn: Business Office
485 N Sam Houston
San Benito, TX 78586
Fax to: 956-361-3813
email to: Email Utility Billing

Please refer to the General Information Sheet (PDF) for additional fees that may apply to your service account.

Submitting a Service Request

To report a water or sewer problem during business hours please contact the office at 956-361-3800 or email Utility Billing.