Wastewater Treatment Plant


The mission for the Wastewater Treatment Plant is to ensure that the sewage generated from the city (via domestic, commercial, and industrial waste) is properly treated and disinfected before it is discharged to receiving waters of the state. The Wastewater Treatment Plant has been issued a state permit and must maintain the set standard requirements to ensure the effluent discharge quality is met at all times.


  • To avoid permit violations by honoring permit requirements and ensuring it is met at all times
  • Respond to plant breakdowns with up-most priority to minimize down time to avoid a plant upset or violation
  • Keep spare parts at hand at all times and ensure back up pumps, motors, and equipment is ready for use at all times
  • Accomplish an accident free work place by honoring all safety rules, regulations, signs and training at all times
  • Need to cut down on accident to lower Workers Compensation Cost
  • To certify all operators and upgrade their Wastewater Licenses (the highest level of certification possible) by ensuring that operators receive the proper training from the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Texas Rural Water Association (TRWA) and the Texas Water Utility Association (TWUA) and other agencies. This training is an ongoing process throughout the budget year
  • To honor and ensure that everyone complies with the required policies and procedures set forth as a condition of employment on the City of San Benito Code of Conduct