Civil Service Board


The board meets as needed (but at least quarterly) to review, approve, and conduct eligibility and promotional examinations, conduct disciplinary hearings and reviews, and update and revise local rules and procedures as needed for the good order and maintenance of the local system.


The Civil Service Commission shall be constituted in accordance with with the requirements of Chapter 143, TLGC, and its members shall be appointed by the City Manager and confirmed by the City's governing body . The Civil Service Commission is assisted in its duties by the Civil Service Director, who is appointed by the Commission to serve as parliamentarian, secretary, record keeper, and test administrator, as well as the board’s representative to all civil service employees, the city administration, and the local community.

  • Arnulfo Gonzalez, Commissioner
  • Lorenzo Sanchez, Commissioner
  • Luis Gonzales, Commissioner

About the Board

The Civil Service Commission is an autonomous self-governing board that oversees the administration of the fire fighters and police officers civil service system for the City of San Benito. The board oversees the administration and management of Chapter 143 of the Texas Local Government Code, which is the authority by which it exists.

The Board ensures that the city and all civil service employees follow the rules and procedures as specified in Chapter 143, and reviews disciplinary action by department heads in both the Fire and Police Departments. The board also has the authority to conduct investigations and inspections to ensure that Chapter 143 is being followed.

Police and Fire Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations (PDF)