Purchasing: A Division of the Finance Department

The Purchasing Division intends to ascertain that the City of San Benito complies with all City Charter/Ordinances and state and federal law requirements to help the departments in the procurement process.
The objective of the purchasing department is to guarantee that all vendors have the same opportunity in the bidding process, to attain the most value, to acquire quality materials, merchandise, and/or services at the correct point on all acquisitions, to create an excellent professional rapport with every vendor, and to familiarize them with the City of San Benito's purchasing policies and procedures.
The Finance Department, Purchasing Office is the central procurement organization for the City of San Benito and promotes fair and open competition throughout the entire procurement and purchasing process. Minority Businesses, Women’s Business Enterprises, and Labor Area Surplus Firms are encouraged to participate.


For more information, contact:

Abigail Cantu

Purchasing Agent
956-361-3804 ext. 221

Vendor Application

It is required that all vendors wishing to do business with the City of San Benito must correctly complete and submit the Vendor's application to the Finance Department to: sb_finance@cityofsanbenito.com.

W-9 (PDF)

Purchasing Cooperatives

The City of San Benito utilizes several city-approved cooperative contracts to obtain goods and services while complying with state statutes and the City’s purchasing policies and procedures.
The City of San Benito currently utilizes the following Purchasing Cooperatives:

Buyboard: https://www.buyboard.com/vendor/about-us/vendors-by-state.aspx


HGAC: https://hgacbuy.org/Products-and-Services


Texas SmartBuy: https://www.txsmartbuy.com/contracts

Texas Smart Buy

TIPS: https://www.tips-usa.com/vlist.cfm


OMNIA: https://www.omniapartners.com/publicsector/contracts